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welcome to the burlingame mothers' club!

***Our e-mail server has been down since 8pm (PDT) Oct 19, 2017, any e-mail sent to an e-mail account ending with was not and will not be received until further notice.  In the mean time, please send e-mails to We hope to resolve this issue in the next week.  Sorry for the inconvenience!***

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Burlingame Mothers' Club (BMC) provides families of children from birth through age six
with support, information, friendship, and community.

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Welcome to the Burlingame Mothers' Club Website!

This website is still under construction, but you can renew and sign up for membership on this site. BigTent
will be used in the interim for forums, events, and classifieds until our new site is up and running. 

After signing up or renewing on this website, please allow 48 hours for activation on BigTent. You will receive a welcome e-mail with the subject line: Welcome to Burlingame Mothers' Club. In this e-mail, there is a link to activate your BigTent account.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and support! 

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