The Burlingame Mothers’ Club is an entirely volunteer-run organization with the mission of providing members support, information and friendship in the Mid-Peninsula. One of the most important functions we serve is to connect members with playgroups.

Playgroups usually consist of 6-12 BMC members and their children who meet on a regular basis, usually weekly, at a designated time and place. Playgroups are formed based upon the child’s birth date (newborns up to 3 years old), and whether the parent works outside the home. The purpose of a playgroup is to provide socialization for the members and their children; therefore, we aim to form groups with children as close in age as possible. We welcome expecting mothers at our New Member events and many also choose to form playgroups based on due date.

BMC members are welcome to join additional playgroups with their second and or third children. Log-in to Big Tent to sign up for a playgroup!

​Neighborhood & Kindergarten Playgroups

Neighborhood Playgroups join together BMC members with similarly aged children who live in close proximity to one another. These can consist of just a few members or several members, but ultimately, the size is up to the individual group.

Kindergarten playgroups are for members and their kids who will be entering Kindergarten the following Fall. They are formed each Spring, and each group sets its own schedule and decides what types of activities to pursue. Kindergarten Playgroups are a great opportunity for your child to meet others in his/her class before school starts! Login to Big Tent to learn more and sign up.

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Why Join BMC?

The Burlingame Mothers’ Club (BMC) is a fantastic club that supports families of children from birth through age six. Our purpose is to provide support, socialization, information, community and entertainment to mothers and their families within the community.

Ready to Apply?

Members must reside on the Peninsula and be expecting a child or have children between the ages of 0-6. If this sounds like you, request an invitation to apply!

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