Why Join the BMC?

The Burlingame Mothers’ Club (BMC) provides families of children from birth through age six with support, information, friendship, and community. Our purpose is to provide support, socialization, information, and entertainment to mothers and their families within the community.

Our Offerings

The BMC offers a variety of events, programs, and information for our members.  We have over 1400 members, some who are expecting their first child and others who have 3 or more children.  Some work full time, some part time and others stay at home. Our membership is broad and we offer services, information and events that span a variety of topics and interests.   Please read below to learn more about all of the benefits of joining the Burlingame Mothers’ Club.

The BMC helps facilitate playgroups by matching members with other members whose kids are the same age.  This is one of the principal ways that BMC members socialize.  Learn more about playgroups.

Monthly Newsletter
Receive our monthly newsletter full of articles, event information, activities and family resources.

Preschool Forum
Once a year we host a preschool forum only for BMC members where 35+ local preschools are present to discuss their programs and offerings.

Community Outreach/Helping Hands
We offer many volunteer opportunities for BMC families. Learn more about events

New Member Events
We offer a new member event every other month as an opportunity to meet other new BMC members, learn more about the club and get a chance to be connected with other moms and BMC board members.

We offer over 20 subclubs which are special interest groups started by fellow members.  These include: Running subclub, Holistic Moms subclub, Book Club, Mom-Owned Business subclub, Single Moms subclub and others.

Our Subclubs offer an opportunity to spend time with other like-minded moms and we hope you will take advantage of one or more of the BMC subclubs.

Social Events
We offer five social events per year, all of which are open to all BMC families.  Learn more about events

Each month we offer a variety of outings for families and for moms.  These occur both during the week and on weekends, some in the morning and others in the afternoon and evenings.  Learn more about events

Speaker Series
Throughout the year we offer a speaker on a topic relevant to parenting.  Most of these events are open only to BMC members. Learn more about events

Any BMC member is eligible to receive up to three meals after the birth of a child or any other time she finds herself “in a pinch” (surgery, death in the family, etc.).

BMC members receive monthly emails with special discounts at local shops and services. Log in to Big Tent (under files) to see all the BMC discounts for our members.

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Why Join BMC?

The Burlingame Mothers’ Club (BMC) is a fantastic club that supports families of children from birth through age six. Our purpose is to provide support, socialization, information, community and entertainment to mothers and their families within the community.

Ready to Apply?

Members must reside on the Peninsula and be expecting a child or have children between the ages of 0-6. If this sounds like you, request an invitation to apply!

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